Good readers- good for p-3

I WONDER... with a simple smiley thinking

A list my year 3's made- they know these occur during independent reading

The basic principles of IPICK- promoting independent text selection

Comprehension questions- Great for NAPLAN answering- - embedded in the text - embedded around text (captions, diagrams) - your opinion about the text Graham, Stephen. Teaching Writing Explicitly, Cengage, 2008.

Here, Hidden Head- A3- better definitions- one page per strategy

Reading for meaning- yesterday, today, tomorrow

What is the purpose of the piece of writing?

P- Persuade

I- Inform

D- Describe

E- Entertain

Making connections- use with the Text to self, Text to world, Text to text comprehension poster


they have a series of questions at the bottom of each poster... sorry British spelling.


Use the PIDE poster in the first column of new

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Basic awards for nights read at home

NAPLAN- Yr 3 Reading preparation


For Aussie kids- with a focus on trying to include Australian authors on A4 posters- colour


Dewey Decimal posters